How Partners &
Providers Can Help

Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids® Members During Redetermination

Partners and providers play a critical role in helping Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids ® members navigate the redetermination process. Here are several ways to support individuals and families before, during and after their Medicaid eligibility is checked.

Here is How You Can Help

  • Direct members to this site.
  • Remind members to update their contact information at
  • Share videos, images, and other resources from the Medicaid Unwinding Partner Toolkit. (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Email or hand out this flyer or coloring sheet.
  • If Medicaid members are unable to access services online, encourage them to update their contact information in person at a local DFCS office or via phone: 1-877-423-4746.
  • If members are no longer eligible for Medicaid, they may qualify for other health benefit programs with the State of Georgia or with the Federally Facilitated Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act. Please notify them that they will receive a letter with more details about the programs for which they may be eligible. 
  • Serve as an Authorized Representative. To assist a Medicaid member throughout the redetermination process, you must be approved as an “Authorized Representative.”

Steps to Become an Authorized Representative 

Examples of How Redetermination May Apply to Different Types of Members 

Resources to Help Partners and Providers Spread the Word About Redetermination 

Steps to Become an Authorized Representative:

To assist a Medicaid member during redetermination, you must register to be an Authorized representative through the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS). Once registered, Authorized representatives can provide continuous assistance to Medicaid members throughout the redetermination process, participate in benefit reviews, receive important notifications, and more.

To apply to be an authorized representative: 

  1. Have the member you are helping go to Gateway to “Report My Changes” or “Renew.”
  2. They should select “Add an Authorized Representative” and add your contact information.
  3. After the member adds you as an authorized representative to their case, you must create your own separate Gateway account. Within the “create an account” screen, please check “Yes” to the question “Are you an Authorized Representative?” This effectively links your Gateway account to the member’s account.
  4. You are now registered as an Authorized Representative for that member and can assist them with any actions.

Examples of How Redetermination May Apply to Different Types of  Members 

Delores needs an Authorized Representative. She is 74 years old, has a disability, and has Medicaid benefits.​ Delores adds her son Daniel as her Authorized Representative so ​he can assist her.​

To do this, Daniel creates an account in Gateway. Once he logs in, he is able to link his Gateway account to hers.​ Delores and Daniel check Gateway in mid-April and find that her redetermination date is July 31, 2023.​

In early June, Delores receives her redetermination letter.​ She and her son learn she is still eligible for Medicaid and​ her benefits will renew for another year.​ Delores does not need to do anything else. Her redetermination ​process is complete.

Marcus is 20 years old and receives PeachCare for Kids® benefits. Marcus recently moved to a new apartment, so he goes online to Gateway to update his address. ​

In early June, Marcus receives an official email telling him he has aged out of his PeachCare for Kids® coverage and that his coverage will expire on July 31, 2023. ​ He has time to review the Marketplace and select a new plan, so he won’t have a gap in coverage. ​

Marcus looks at the Marketplace offerings and is able to find and sign up for a similar healthcare plan to the one he had with PeachCare for Kids®.

Alicia is 34 years old and has two school-aged children. She first applied for Medicaid benefits in 2020, when she lost her job for ​several months due to the pandemic. ​ She checks Gateway and finds that her determination date is ​July 31, 2023. ​

In early June, Alicia receives a redetermination email, as well as a letter that explains she must provide proof-of-income documents so she can complete her family’s redetermination.

About a month later, Alicia receives an email and letter informing her that she and her children are still eligible for Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids® and their coverage has been renewed for one year. ​Alicia’s redetermination process is complete.

Resources to Help Partners and Providers Spread the Word About Redetermination:

Coloring Sheet

Georgia’s Medicaid Unwinding Plan

Medicaid Unwinding Partner Toolkit

Presentation on Medicaid Redetermination

School Poster

Provider FAQ

Redetermination Date Tear Away Sheet

Customer Contact Center Quick Reference Guide

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